Why do people migrate to Canada?

If you want to immigrate to a most beautiful and developed country then Canada is the best choice. As you know that Canada allows permanent immigration easily as compare to other developed countries so I think that Canada is good for your future and for this you have to apply for Canadian immigration program.

But for this you have to know about the policies by which you can apply for immigration. Canadian immigration policies are tough but not as tougher as compare to other European and American countries. Canada is one of the peaceful countries of the world and their basic human rights laws are the best in the world. No Color, cast, religion discrimination occurs in Canada. The education standard of Canada is the best in the world. World has known Canada for its good basic laws such as animal rights, Human rights, rights of people of Syria etc. Canadian law gives equality to every single person of its country. People from UAE can consult about the Canadian immigration from the best immigration consultants in Dubai.

Basic Immigration policies of Canada:

If you have desire to immigrate to Canada then you have to know some of the basic immigration policies of Canada. The basic policies chartered are made in 1976 by the government of Canada of that time. You can read all the basic information about Canadian immigration from that chartered of policies. These policies are not hard as compare to other developed countries but if you don’t have the relative documents which are required by the embassy then due to some policies your immigration can be difficult. A large number of applications have been given by the people from Middle East so for consultation about Canadian laws there are many best immigration consultants in Dubai for Canada

Immigration of refugees:

Canada will give easy immigration to refugees on the basis of humanity. It will provide Canadian nationality and protection to the refugees.

Immigration of educated people:

The immigration to educated people will be given under some special obligations in order to achieve economic development plans.

Immigration to the people of different cultures:

Canadian government wants to make its country multi-cultural so for this purpose it will give its immigration to the people of every part of the world.

How these policies protect the sovereignty of Canada?

These policies protect the sovereignty of Canada these policies or laws do not allow terrorists, spies and criminals to come to Canada. These policies are safe and reliable for Canada. These policies make the paper work long for 6 months. Due to these policies Canadian government can know all the information about the coming immigrant. If you have made a decision to come to Canada then you have to apply for immigration as soon as possible.